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Monique speaks to various groups to inspire the audience to live their authentic life to achieve their goals holistically. She is available to cover various subjects related to living your best life through authenticity without shame, blame or guilt. She is known to tailor her presentation to fit your needs. Monique is also the visionary of Healing from the Inside Out, a Women's Wellness Retreat that has led countless women to heal their mind, body soul and spirit.


Need an enthusiastic, energetic, competent speaker? Complete the contact form on the contact page for information about Monique’s availability and fees. 

Monique's Trainings...

Resolving Conflict

This training involves taking the participates on a quest of redefining how they resolve conflict. The participants are asked to identify their internal dialogue regarding the conflict and identify the story they are telling themselves about the conflict. Participants are guided through exercises and provided skills to resolve conflict and take ownership of their contribution to the conflict.


Living a Fearless Life

This training challenges the participants to stop living in fear and to live in their authenticity. The participants will be empowered to make the necessary changes in their life to walk toward their dreams to make them a reality, encouraged to make the first step towards achieving their goals and to explore ways of overcoming limiting beliefs by making them less powerful in their mind.


Sadness, Depression, and Substance: I want to Feel Better

This training is specifically geared toward the youth. Sadness and Depression are defined and examples are provided. The impact of substance abuse on one’s mental health is also discussed. The youth are provided tips on how to feel better and where to reach out for help. The participants are guided through exercises to increase self-esteem.


Help for the Helper

This training is geared toward those who serve in any capacity. Those who serve others often forget to take care of themselves. Helpers are often guilty of losing sight of self which causes them to help from a place of emptiness. Participants are guided through an exercise of rediscovery and by the end of the training will have a personal mission statement with objectives that will define their purpose behind why they are helpers. Participants will also increase their awareness of how issues of burnout, stress, and hopelessness may be impacting their personal life, their spouse and/or leadership team. It will identify concrete strategies to increase resilience and help prevent issues related to burnout and stress.


Activate the Authentic You

The training guides the participant to whom they were created to be and allows the participant to gain insight on how to move toward their AUTHENTIC SELF- without guilt, without shame, without apology. This training will allow the participant to regain their happiness, embrace harmony in their life, and allow them the freedom to stand fully in their power.

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